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Typically prescriptions do not require training. Mifepristone (RU 486 - a medication to induce an abortion) is unique in that it requires a single training program (for doctors and pharmacists)- coordinated through the SOGC (Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada- in collaboration with the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the National Abortion Federation- all of whom are partners in this research and in the CAPS platform). Mifepristone (RU 486) also requires a unique dispensation procedure.

  1. If a person is paying for the medication (which is the case for most patients) then the physician must be certified through the training, AND must then register with the pharm company AND must order, pay for, stock and sell to women the medication AND watch them swallow it. This implies that the doctor must order and pay the pharmaceutical company in order to stock the medication, which establishes a payment relationship with patients.
  2. If a person has 3rd-party insurance that might cover RU46 (social assistance...), doctors give prescription, pharmacist gives the drug, doctors sees the woman take it.

All physicians and pharmacists involved in the above procedure must (a) go through the training (through on-line self learning platform- only ONE program), and (b) take a test and achieve a good grade leading to their certification. All of these unusual features will impede access to this treatment, especially for those in rural and remote locations. We aim to capture as much info as possible from physicians, pharmacists and their staff to understand the barriers and facilitators to access to this new treatment.


The Forum serves two fundamental purposes:

  • to capture as much info as possible from physicians, pharmacists and their staff to understand the barriers and facilitators to access to Mifepristone (RU 486).
  • to provide a mode of communication for physicians and pharmacists working with Mifepristone (RU 486) to expert help and support.

With respect to administrative tasks with deadlines, specific instructions are emailed to CAPS members as necessary. More generally, members should ensure that information available on the Forum about themselves (their own profiles) is correct and up to date.

With respect to collaboration, the Forum provides a number of mailing lists for different groups, including mailing lists for different types of investigators, whose messages are archived in (and can be searched through) the Forum. Moreover, since the Forum is based on Mediawiki, anyone can create new pages or upload files to collaborate with other members. Every page and mailing list messages are moderated, allowing members to view them only when they have been approved by administrative staff.

Access to the Forum

The general public has limited access to the Forum, including -

  • Workpackage description Pages
  • Main Project Pages
  • Researcher Pages for NIs (excluding private bio and financial contributions to AGE-WELL activities)
  • Publications, Products, Presentations and Multimedia

Forum Accounts

Typically, your Forum account ID is your name in First.Last format. If you have forgotten your account password you can request a new one, and a temporary password will automatically be emailed to the address specified in your Forum account.

  1. Go to the Main Page, your login name is in the form "First.Last".
  2. If you do not have a password, leave the password empty and click "login".
  3. Click the button labelled "E-mail new password"
  4. The system will send you a temporary password to your email address.
  5. Once you login with this temporary password, you will have to change it to a more memorable password for the long term.

User Roles

There are various types of users on the Forum. Each role implies privileges and restrictions to different areas of the Forum.

RoleFull NameDescription
DocDoctorPhysicians in the network
PharmPharmacistPharmacists in the network
StaffStaffStaff of physicians or pharmacists in the forum
ExpertExpertPhysicians and pharmacists who can be contacted through the “ask an expert” feature
ManagerManagerA CAPS Manager who is a moderator of (a) mailing lists, (b) the story collection, (c) the resource repository, of (d) the expert list.
AdminCAPS Administrator

A user's role can change throughout their participation in CAPS, and a user can assume multiple roles at the same time. Users with no roles are considered to be "Inactive".

A role can have an associated title (ie. Chair, Member). Managers are able to edit these on the User's profile.

Forum Pages

Member Pages

Each CAPS contributor has a page that describes their activities. This page is accessible -

  • By using the Find Member link in the menu at page left to search by the person's name.
  • By clicking on any of the Doc, Pharm or Staff tabs, then selecting the person's name from the list. Click first on the CAPS tab under the CAPS logo if these tabs are not visible.

Each Member Page has several tabs:

  1. Contact : The name, role(s), email, title, university, and department of the user. If available, additional information may be available:
  2. Profile : A short bio of the user. Every user has both a public and private profile. The private profile can only be accessed by members of the Forum.
  3. Relations: List of members that work with the user.

Finding information in the Forum


Main entities in the Forum are grouped and listed by type under the AGE-WELL tabs. They are visible after clicking on the AGE-WELL tab under the CAPS logo.

Most of these pages include a search box at the top of the page that filters table content. For example, the member-listing pages can be filtered by name, project, or university.

Global Search

You can use the Global Search located at the top left of any page to search for most entities in the Forum. The entities that you can search for are:

  • People
  • Threads
  • Stories
  • Wiki Pages

Adding information to the Forum

Adding a new member

To ensure the privacy of members on the forum, to add a new member to the forum an email must be sent to an administrative staff. Proof of certification is required for the doctors and pharmacists. Staff may be added with proof of employment from the doctor or pharmacist.

Managers can add members by going to Add Member. Once the name, email and roles of the user are specified then the request can be approved by going to Add Member Requests and accepting the request.



Many of the features on the Forum create notifications for various actions. For example, if a new poll is available, you will be notified. The number of notifications that you have are listed in the My Notifications tab in the page header. Click the tab to view the notifications. The notification is deleted once you have viewed the page that the Notification links to.

Ask An Expert

The forum allows for members to request for an expert consultation. You will be able to speak to an expert through Ask an Expert once an administrative staff has matched you up with an expert that is best able to help you.

  1. Go to My Threads.
  2. Click on the "Add Thread" button.
  3. Fill in a title that best describes your reason for consultation.
  4. Fill in the message box with a detailed description for your reason for consultation.
  5. Click the "Submit" button.

An administrative staff will notify you once an expert has been contacted.

User Cases

If you have an experience to share that you believe would benefit other members, you can submit a user case.

  1. Go to My Cases.
  2. Click on the "Share a case" button.
  3. Fill in a title for your Case.
  4. Fill in the details of your Case.
  5. Click the "Submit" button.

Note: Only cases that have been approved by an administrative staff can be viewed by other members.

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